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The number of community pujas in Chandannagar, Bhadreswar and Champdany Municipal areas crosses 190 mark. Of these, 161 Puja committees in different localities in Chandannagar and Bhadreswar are affiliated to the Chandannagar Central Jagadhatri Puja Committee (CCJPC). The Central committee renders all possible assistance to its constituents in getting permissions and clearances for holding Puja. The immersion procession is really memorable and enjoyable sight to witness which lakh of people throng in Chandannagar from far and near. The beautiful decorated tall images loaded on trucks are taken around the city in a procession.

List of Jagadhatri Puja Committees
Total 121 Puja Committees (Year – 2019)

Total Jubilee : 7 & Total Pre – Jubilee : 9

Sl. No.Puja Committee's NameYearsCelebrating (in 2019)
1Ambika Athletic Club Gandalapara50Golden Jubilee
3Arobinda Sangha, Barasat52N/A
4Aggrogoti Hadudu Club37N/A
6Bagbazar Chowmatha70N/A
7Bagbazar Talpukur Dhar36N/A
8Bagbazar Baburpukur Dhar48N/A
9Baidyapota49Pre Golden Jubilee
11Barasat Banerjee Para54N/A
12Barasat Banerjee Para Madhyanchal18N/A
13Barasat Chakraborty Para17N/A
14Barasat Dashabhujatala41N/A
15Barasat Dhaskin51N/A
16Barasat Gate73N/A
17Barasat Garerdhar Balak Samity28N/A
19Bhagar More Chowmatha24Pre Silver Jubilee
20Bibirhat Charaktala More, Tematha35N/A
21Bibirhat Charaktala52N/A
22Bibirhat Uttaranchal (Santan Sangha)53N/A
24Bindubasini Para47N/A
26Boro Chapatala (Yuba Sampraday)56N/A
27Boro Dighir Dhar67N/A
28Boro Kabari Para42N/A
29Boro Kalitala50Golden Jubilee
30Boro Kalitala Bylane49Pre Golden Jubilee
31Boro Mitrabagan38N/A
32Boro Jodu Ghsoh Lane15N/A
33Boro Panchanantala46N/A
34Boro Sarbajanin (Sarat Sangha)52N/A
35Boro Taldanga50Golden Jubilee
36Balak Sampraday, Kanailal Avenue30N/A
37Charabagan Balak Samity50Golden Jubilee
38Circus Math49Pre Golden Jubilee
40Dharapara Mandirtala (Madhyanchal)47N/A
41Dinemardanga Pratik Sandga43N/A
42Dinemardanga Pranchopandab44N/A
43Dinemardanga Shibmandir42N/A
44Dinemardanga Talpukurdhar43N/A
46Duplexpatty Kultala49Pre Golden Jubilee
48Garerdhar Purashree More56N/A
49Ganj Sitalatala45N/A
50Ghorapukur Dhar40N/A
51Gondalpara A. C. Chatterjee Lane77N/A
52Gondalpara Binodtala37N/A
53Gondalpara Charmandirtala76N/A
54Gondalpara Kacharighat39N/A
55Gondalpara Manshatala78N/A
56Gondalpara Maran Road61N/A
57Gondalpara Natunteli Ghat52N/A
58Gondalpara Radhanath Sikdar Road52N/A
59Gondalpara Satghat53N/A
62Helapukurdhar50Golden Jubilee
63Haldarpara AdiADI (Not Known)N/A
64Haldarpara Sasthitala43N/A
66Hatkhola Bhubneswari Tala66N/A
67Hatkhola Daibakpara47N/A
68Hatkhola Mansatala58N/A
69Hatkhola Nonatola40N/A
72Kabadi Club Gondalpara41N/A
73Kapalipara Sahebbagan54N/A
75Kalupukur Garerdhar31N/A
76Kanailal Pally46N/A
78Kantapukur Chowmatha41N/A
80Kundughat Dalan40N/A
82Kundughat Uttor Purbanchal43N/A
83Kuthirmath North25Silver Jubilee
85Lalbagan Padripara52N/A
86Laxmiganj Bazar87N/A
87Laxmiganj Chowmatha117N/A
88Laxmiganj Chaul PattiADI (Not Known)N/A
89Laxmiganj Kaporapotti254N/A
91Mahila Samiti48N/A
92Mankundu Natunpara45N/A
93Madhyanchal49Pre Golden Jubilee
94Mahadanga – Binoy Badal Dinesh Sangha33N/A
95Mahadanga Balak Sangha40N/A
96Mahadanga Adi42N/A
98Narua Sarkarpara47N/A
99Narua Shyam Cristan Bagan34N/A
100Neogi Bagan31N/A
102Padripara Kalitala40N/A
104Rathersarak Sambasibtala49Pre Golden Jubilee
106Sramik Pally Laldighir Dhar48N/A
107Sarisha Para49Pre Golden Jubilee
109Sitalatala Baruipara37N/A
110Subhas Jagaran Sangha, Tematha58N/A
111Suksanatantala, Benepukurdhar48N/A
112Surer Pukur31N/A
113Surer Pukur Gorherdhar44N/A
115Silbagan, Haridradanga33N/A
116Tantirbagan49Pre Golden Jubilee
117Tantibagan Chartakurtala45N/A
118Tematha75Platinum Jubilee
119Tarun Sangha, Dharapara Bylane31N/A
121Urdibazar Chunagali15N/A

List of Jagadhatri Puja Committees
Total 40 Puja Committees (Year – 2019)

Total Jubilee : 1 & Total Pre – Jubilee : 1

Sl. No.Puja Committee's NameYearsCelebrating (in 2019)
2Adi Palpara, Mankundu34N/A
3Bowbazar Sitalatala44N/A
4Bhadreswar Nimtata53N/A
5Bhadreswar Chaldatala53N/A
6Bhadreswer Jubok Samity43N/A
7Bhadreswar Ganj211N/A
8Bhadreswar Station Road Babsayi Samity63N/A
9Bhadreswar Station Road Haritakitala43N/A
10Bhadreswar Station Road Chowmatha48N/A
11Bhadreswar Krisopotti Sastitola42N/A
12Bibeknagar Amratala, Bhadreswar Station Road42N/A
13Chandrababur Bazar63N/A
14Gourhati Tetultala227N/A
15Jagarani Samity35N/A
16Jubochetona JPC Park Moidan Govt Kolony31N/A
17Khalisani Kalpukurdhar53N/A
18Khalisani Bowbazar52N/A
19Kishor Samity, Bhadreswar Palbagan39N/A
20Koedbeltola Balak Sangha52N/A
21Kheyali Sangha, Bhadreswer47N/A
22Mankundu Sporting43N/A
23Manik Nagar, Bhadreswer40N/A
24Nimtala Sporting44N/A
25Naba Sangha, Library Road25Silver Jubilee
26Pradip Sangha Library Road, Bhadreswer40N/A
28Setpur, Bhadreswer Delhi Road24Pre Silver Jubilee
29Telinipara Krisopotti46N/A
30Telinipara Kalitala65N/A
31Telinipara Annapurna Baroyari66N/A
32Telinipara Rajabazar66N/A
33Telinipara Neheru Bidyapith52N/A
34Telinipara Baburbazar46N/A
35Tatipara Subuj Sangha31N/A
36Telinipara Kultala54N/A
37Tetultala Lane39N/A
38Youth Corner – Library Road47N/A
39Nabagram Purashree19N/A
40Bhadreswar Jagadhatri Sporting47N/A

Others puja committees are requested to send their puja info in details to us via this email id [email protected] We will add your puja to our website within 24 hours.

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