Charmandirtala Sarbajanin Platinum Jubilee Celebration

In the year 2018, Charmandirtala Sarbajanin Jagadhatri Puja Commitee will celebrate their Platinum Jubilee (75) Year. In occasion of Platinum Jubilee Year, they have arranged some events during the year.

Charmandirtala Sarbajanin Platinum Jubilee Celebration 1 Charmandirtala Sarbajanin Platinum Jubilee Celebration 2>> They have arranged Seat and Draw Competition. Some of the moments of their Seat & Draw Competition – Date : 11.03.2018. There are 360 participants in that competition. According to puja committee, the result will be declare on 15th April, 2018.


Charmandirtala Sarbajanin Platinum Jubilee Celebration 3>> Their another programme i.e. the Blood Donation Camp was organized on Sunday, 10th June, at Uttarayan, Charmandirtala, with the help of Health Dept. of Govt. of WB. It began at around 11 am and continued up to 2 pm, with a steady stream of donors throughout. Uttarayan was abuzz with young blood donors chatting with each other, happy to be able to play their part in lending a helping hand to people in the region.

Charmandirtala Sarbajanin Platinum Jubilee Celebration 4One of the rooms was utilized for a thorough medical check-up of potential donors, as well as the donation itself, while another there was another hall was where donors could lie down and recuperate for a while before they leave venue. They were provided with glucose water and food including biscuits, a banana and a cake. It was great to see more people than 60 turning up in the venue. This stretched the capacity of the blood bank, as a result of which the contact details of the donors were taken so as to allow them to donate at the earliest to the blood bank.Charmandirtala Sarbajanin Platinum Jubilee Celebration 5

The samples were carefully sealed and transported away, while the volunteers helped in the clean-up of the area. Throughout the morning, there were smiles and laughter all around – a true embodiment of what we believe in – selfless service with a smile. The donors received certificate of recognition.

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